Top 10 Celebrities That Look Just as Stupid Taking Selfies As You Do

10. Chris Brown

Picture 10
Because one joint just isn’t cool enough.

9. Amanda Bynes

Picture 2
However, we still consider this gem iconic.

8. Pharrell

Picture 6
Just, no.

7. Soulja Boy

Picture 4
Only $5 bills? Come on, now.

6. Kim Kardashian

Picture 3


5. Lebron James

Picture 5
Da faq?

4. Hilary Duff

Picture 7
Say cheese!

3. Madonna

Picture 8
Simply horrific.


2. P. Diddy

Picture 9
We’re glad Puff Daddy realized who the true star in this selfie was.


1. Jessica Alba

Picture 1
Technically challenged selfie.



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