Flavor Flav Arrested For Driving With 16 License Suspensions

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Who misses Flavor of Love? I do. That s*** was so classic I wish I could stream it on Netflix just to watch a group of beautiful, demure flowers compete for the love of a man that looks like sewer rat and who’s disposable income seizes to exist. However, as we all know, the comeback of Flava Flav has come and gone, and now we’re left with the depressing signs of how short 15-minutes of fame really is.

TMZ reports that Flavor Flav was arrested in Hempstead, NY today for having sixteen suspensions on his license. Well done, Flavor. This is almost as big of an achievement as the time you managed to bag Bridget Nielsen.

“Flav was driving a black Hyundai when cops spotted him… claiming he was driving 79 in the 55 zone. Upon further investigation… troopers discovered Flav had 16 license suspensions.”

The suspensions were due to unpaid tickets that resulted in suspensions, they also found some weed in his car. On a very sad note, after he was booked, and released without posting bail, Flavor Flav proceeded to attend his mom’s funeral.

Flavor Flav now more than ever deserves another VH1 spin-off. Cruising around with 16 license suspensions, although very illegal, is somewhat impressive, considering he never got caught sooner, and was RELEASED without posting bail. However our thoughts are with him, because losing a parent is something that we wish no one ever had to endure. It is very thoughtful of the police to release him in time for her funeral, given the circumstances.

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