Beyonce Is Skinnier Than All of Us, Now.


It’s a sad day when you realize that your bootylicious body is now borderline too bootylicious. This is how Beyonce made us feel when performing on the Grammy’s Sunday night. And now on Tuesday, we’re met with more reminders that we have really let ourselves go. Daily Mail reports that a stylist of Beyonce revealed just how ahead of the game she is in this whole New Year diet thing. Girl’s a damn size 2. If that didn’t make you take a palm to the face, I don’t know what would. Because the fact that girl went from semi-thick with ass for days, to looking so thin she might fly away if there were a gust of wind, goes to show how little we’ve been trying to get our asses into shape for this spring. It’s time to up our games, ladies. I don’t care if it’s a polar vortex in the midwest, get ya ass on da beach and RUN like Forest Gump. Or just partake in the 22-day vegan diet that supposedly trimmed down Beyonce to the 0.00lbs she now currently weighs. (Just kidding, don’t do that to yourself.)

Beyonce, we really think you look great. It just worries us that we went from saying “dat ass” every time you rolled around to “Dude, where is dat ass?” in a very short amount of time.giphy