Chantel Jeffries is Out $20,000

Because Chantel Jeffries is already a pro at demonstrating what failed gold-digging should look like, now she’s showing how to execute the tasks of a failed gold-digger, and boy, is she on point. Daily Mail reported that Justin Bieber’s “bad girl,” Chantel Jeffries, the one who was in the passenger seat of Justin’s Lamborghini when he was pulled over for a DUI last week, was rumored to have set up tell-all interviews with networks for a profit of $20,000, only to cancel them so that she could vacationing Panama with Justin this weekend.

“She is said to have approached weekly magazines and producers of shows such as GMA, Today and Inside Edition, but pulled out of TV interviews after spending a weekend in Panama with the star.”

However, Jeffrie’s team is already adamantly denying these claims that she tried to profit off of being the dumbass who would agree to let Bieber drive her around in the first place. Claiming that the 21-year-old would never stoop so low, except maybe for the Today Show,

“None were for compensation, especially not $20,000. None were accepted. The Today Show was the only one that was being even remotely considered, and they do not pay for their news. As I said, no appearance requests were ever accepted.”

However, the $20,000 is not the only thing that Chantel is losing out on by choosing to vacation with a toddler in Panama this weekend, she could theoretically be losing much-needed exposure for her aspiring modeling career.

Page Six reports that a source said: ‘She hired an attorney and was negotiating a deal with the weekly magazines and the big TV shows. ‘She wanted $20,000, plus a guaranteed mention of her modelling career.’

Another insider told Page Six, ‘Chantel was talking to all the networks, but they refused to pay her. Yesterday, [Monday] she abruptly pulled out of all discussions.’

Shake my damn head. If this girl really wants to be America’s Next Top Booty Model, she should really learn how to strike the iron when it’s hot, and maybe stop taking lessons from Kim K’s Failed Gold-Digger how-to-guide, and her  youtube makeup tutorials.

Here’s a picture of Chantel getting her “Panamanian Tan” on, in a picture she posted to her Instagram. Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 12.41.04 PM

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