Holla, We Want Pre-Nup.

We want pre-nup, yeahhh. 

Tori Spelling proved today that women should come equipped with a prenuptial agreement before saying “I do,” when it was reported by RadarOnline.com that she would have already divorced her husband and father of her four children, Dean McDermott, but she didn’t want to become subsequently broke from doing so.

“She would definitely kick Dean to the curb if she could financially afford to do so… Tori has admitted she would file for divorce from Dean, but she is afraid she would go broke.” Says a friend close to the family.

The source went on to say that even though Tori Spelling is really only famous for being famous, she can still be considered the bread-winner for the family of six.

The couple has no prenuptial agreement, and Tori is the sole breadwinner. Dean wouldn’t settle for anything less than joint custody, and Tori would be forced to pay him spousal and child support. It’s a really sad situation for Tori and the kids.”

Yikes. Reading this, I’m honestly just pretty surprised that Tori Spelling has any money to speaking, let alone the $1.5 million net worth that the article reports, and also notes that at her peak of stardom she was worth up to $330 million. (Bulls***.)

What’s clear from this article is that Tori Spelling, is, by definition a punk, according to the definition provided below by Yeezy.



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