Justin Bieber Made a Flight Attendant Hide in the Cockpit

Because rich brats are really good at treating people like s***, Justin Bieber proved to us again why we want his ass deported when it was revealed that during the same flight in which after he landed his jet was searched by drug dogs because it reeked of the good shit his behavior caused a flight attendant to hide out in the cockpit of the plane to avoid being subjected to his bad vibes. Daily Mail reports, 

“‘The captain of the flight stated that he warned the passengers, including Bieber, on several occasions to stop smoking marijuana,’ the official report of the incident, obtained by NBC News, reads.

‘The captain also stated he needed to request that the passengers stop their harassing behavior toward the flight attendant and after several warnings asked the flight attendant to stay with him near the cockpit to avoid any further abuse.’”

If you’re wondering just how much pot Justin was smoking on board, just wait until you read this,

“The troubled teen singer and his entourage were also said to have smoked so much marijuana on the flight between Canada and New Jersey that the pilots were forced to wear oxygen masks.”

Why the captain didn’t threaten to land if Justin didn’t stop acting a fool is uncertain. ‘Cause if I had been the captain in charge I would have been all like:



Why does J. Biebz keep making up reasons for us to hate him even more than we already do? We don’t know. One theory is that his f***ing up all the time fosters some sort of job security for douche bags like paparazzi’s and bloggers (like me!). But another theory is that he really just wants to follow in Chris Brown’s footsteps in showing zero regard for the good in humanity. Just to coin a few.

Regardless, we just really hope that the U.S. reaches it’s milestone number needed to get his ass deported back to Canada, where he belongs.


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