Top 10 Most Notorious Celebrity Heroin Users


In wake of the tragic death of Philip Seymour Hoffman, it is important to emphasize the dangers of drug, such dangers are heavily reflected in the lives of many celebrities alive and not. Here are a few:

10. Chris Farley:

After Chris Farley became hella famous off of Saturday Night Live, and some big-screen movies, he developed a heroin addiction that subsequently took his life in October of 1997, when he was found dead in his apartment from an overdose.


9. Samuel L. Jackson:

Samuel L. is said to have over-dosed on heroin three times before, thankfully, swearing the drug off for good. He subsequently underwent treatment in 1991, and commented later that his addiction, “I was mad. I was crazed. I was not happy with who I was.” Almost as brutal as his Jerry curl.


8. Kurt Cobain:

Although a bullet is inevitably what took Kurt Cobain’s life, it is important to note that he was an adamant heroin abuser during his career in grudge rock. Along with his wife, Courtney Love, the couple gained a reputation for doing smack.


7. Sid Vicious:

Reference this video of him nodding off during an interview, while high on the drug.


6. Jimi Hendrix:

The revolutionary guitarist overdosed on the drug in September 18, 1970. Making him one of the oldest members of the 27 club.

Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 11.17.11 PM

5. Jim Morrison 

Another prominent member of the 27-club that died of heroin abuse is the lead singer of the Doors, Jim Morrison, who’s good looks and talents were put to a tragic halt on July 3, 1971 via heroin overdose.


4. Kate Moss:

Although she adamantly denies doing the drug, as well as accusations that she has an eating disorder. The supermodel indisputably invented the term “heroin-chic” that started a revolution in the fashion industry.


3. Janelle Evans:

The Teen Mom star has been arrested for heroin use and has entered treatment for it’s abuse. She admits now that her addiction was costing her $2800 a week. Where she got the money to nurture her addiction? We don’t really want to know. Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 11.42.07 PM

2. Cory Monteith:

For as innocent of show as Glee it is shocking to think that one of it’s leading characters died of an accidental overdose in the summer of 2013. He was found unconscious in a hotel room in Vancouver, after a fatal cocktail of heroin and alcohol took his life.

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1. Robert Downey Jr.:

In terms of notoriety, Robert Downey Jr. takes the cake because he caused a media frenzy due to his heroin addiction, subsequent arrest, recovery, and THEN a comeback, all within a decade. The actor has been clean for years now and his career is completely on track.