Top Ten Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Covers:


With Sports Illustrated releasing sneak peeks of their swimsuit issue for 2014, it’s important to remember the best of swimsuit issues from the past and the models that helped make them great.

10. Bar Rafaeli:

Because she is a tad-bit over-hyped, and because this issue goes back to 2009, Bar Rafaeli kicks off our list of top Sports Illustrated Swimsuit covers at number 10.



9. Petra Nemcova:

Back in 2002, Petra Nemcova, from the Czech Republic, was seen as the modern-day Kate Upton, only way hotter and with much nicer titties (in our opinion).



7. Cheryl Tiegs:

Cheryl Tiegs used to pose for Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition way back in the ’70s, but her 1975 cover in Cancun still makes us want to get wet and wild.



6. Christie Brinkley:

Another veteran of Sports Illustrated swimsuit modeling is Christie Brinkley, who still looks amazing at age 60. Here are her highlights from our favorite Sports Illustrated cover of Brinkley’s circa 1979.



5. Heidi Klum:

Heidi Klum on the swimsuit issue of 1998 proved that she had everything it took to be one of the most notable supermodels of all time. Her body is literally off the chain in this issue.



4. Beyonce:

Beyonce graced the cover of Sports Illustrated for 2007’s swimsuit issue and she managed to prove that she had all the curves and sex appeal needed to make an outstanding cover.



4. Tyra Banks:

Beating out Beyonce, because she was the first ever African American model to make the cover of the swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated, is Tyra Banks in 1997.



3. Kate Upton:

In 2012 Kate Upton made a now iconic cover of Sports Illustrated, and put her on the map as one of the most notable swimsuit models to ever grace the cover of the magazine.



2. Elle MacPherson:

It’s really hard to choose a favorite cover with Elle MacPherson when there are so many swimsuit issues that she’s posed for to choose from. So here are two of our favorite covers.



1. Irina Shayk:

Irina Shayk is a model from Russia who is really good at reminding us that Russia has some of the most strikingly beautiful women in the entire world. Her Sports Illustrated cover in 2011 made our mouths drool and us only wanting more.

irina shayk1


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