Olympic Figure Skater Pulls a T. Swift


During the Grammy’s this year, Taylor Swift mistakingly thought she won a album of the year, only to realize that she lost to Daft Punk. And I don’t know about you guys, but her reaction almost made all of those sappy acceptance speeches given by T. Swift throughout the years worth while. Her jaw-drop on live television made will never be forgotten:


Last night at the Olympics, an Olympic figure skater for the United States, named Ashley Wagner, age 22, thought she did extraordinarily well after her routine, and she was cheesing hard on the sidelines while she waiting to hear her score.


And blowing kisses and s*** like every true Olympian should.


But when the ball dropped that she only got a 6.3 (womp, womp) she stood there aghast, doing her best Taylor Swift impersonation.


As b****y as she looks, that’s the exact look on my face every time I get a test back in college. The whole mouth-agape look really isn’t the best look, especially in red lipstick, as this skater proved, so if you’re ever feeling in complete disgust over a bad score, please reference this picture of McKayla Maroney from the 2012 Summer Olympics and mimic that instead.


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