Top Ten Bruce Jenner Is a Lady Now


In case you didn’t hear, Bruce Jenner quit Keeping Up With the Kardashians even though the show’s contract was renewed again by E!, making the Kardashians $40 million richer. Meanwhile, as you may have noticed, that when Bruce Jenner has been seen since his separation to long-time wife, Kris Jenner, he has been looking recognizably more feminine. Here are ten examples:


10. The speculations erupted following the publishing of this issue of Star magazine, published shortly Bruce and Kris Jenner announced they’d be getting a divorce. We didn’t really believe it at first- but the events that unfolded after it hit magazine racks proved they might be on to something: 


9. For those of you who don’t have eyeballs and/or live under a rock, Bruce Jenner has always been a major fan of plastic surgery. Particularly facelifts- which has given him a more feminine look in more recent years compared to his young handsome, Olympian self.


8. After filing for divorce from Kris Jenner, but remaining amicable, he was seen sporting longer hair, and in some cases even a majestic ponytail. 


7. Somewhere along the way rumors erupted that Bruce was considering getting his Adam’s apple shaved to make it look smaller. But he quickly denied these speculations. Shortly after though, he went through with the surgery anyway. Seen here recovering.


6. Here are the neck scars to prove it. 

Bruce Jenner

5. Following the surgery, he was seen around town looking more like a soccer mom like a gold medalist. 


4. Rocking ombre locks way better than Kim, Kourtney, or Khloe ever will. 


3. He could probably use a training bra. 

Bruce Jenner buys a paddle board at a local surf shop in malibu, CA

2. He’s been growing out his finger nails… 

Bruce Jenner Shopping At Becker Surf Shop

1. And to complete the look…


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