Top Ten Worst Vogue Covers “OF ALL TIME!!!”


Givenchy: Paris Fashion Week Ready-to-Wear A/W 09Because Anna Wintour really knows how to pick ’em- here are top ten celebrities that probably should have never graced the cover of Vogue, and that have the bad sales to prove it.

10. Nicole Kidman:

It’s a given that Nicole Kidman knows how to sell magazines, and pretty much anything else. But this Vogue cover from 2008 happens to be one of the worst selling fall covers of all time.


9. Kate Moss:

Let’s be real- how many times is Kate Moss supposed to grace the cover of Vogue and still sell as many copies as she once did? Here is her worst selling.


8. Blake Lively:

How boring?


7. Lena Dunham:

This mess was so shopped she probably shouldn’t have made the cover in the first place.


6. Kate Upton:

Simply not Vogue material by any means.


5. Rihanna:

Surprisingly, Rih was not able to achieve as much success from posing for the magazine as one would expect given her star power.


4. Ryan Lochte:

Whhhyyyyyy did this cover EVER happen?


3. Taylor Swift:

Taylor Swift is notorious for not selling magazines. So it’s no surprise her Vogue cover was no exception.


2. Adele:

Vogue doesn’t even try to hide the fact that this was one of the worst selling issues of their magazine of all time.


1. Kim and Kanye:

This should have never happened, we’re still kinda surprised it actually did.


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