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With bathing suit season just around the corner, it is important to reassure our self-conscious egos that we don’t look nearly as bad in our bikinis as we’ve convinced ourselves by comparing our average looking bodies to those of celebrities that we put on a pedestal on a regular basis. But then again most of us don’t have paparazzi following us around the beach and poolside striving to get the money shot when the sun shines on your skin in such a way that all the cellulite you didn’t even know you had becomes evident and then marketed in magazines worldwide. You can’t really feel bad for such celebrities, after all, it’s just another one of those pestering misfortunes associated with being famous. Here is Top Ten Celebulite. (We were going to include Heidi on our list, but then we remembered she’s not a celebrity.)

10. Rihanna:

This shot is the perfect example of a a perverted photog going above and beyond to get the most unflattering shot possible. But if it’s to make us feel slightly better about ourselves, we say all up skirts should be legal.


9. Jennifer Lopez:



8. Eva Longoria:

This is one Desperate Housewife that has needed to show any slight imperfection for some time now.


7. Beyonce:

It’s barely there cellulite, but it’s there.


6. Alicia Keys:

In other news: I’m never wearing shorts in day light again.


5. Kate Moss:

Even runway models struggle to keep their cellulite under wraps.


4. Scarlett Johanson:

A no brainer.


2. Jessica Alba:

What is her ass cheek even doing?


1. Tara Reed:

Poor tara.


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