Top Ten George W. Bush is a Decent Artist


If there are two things you should like about George W. Bush, it should be that unwavering, goofy grin on his face that is a constant reminder of what a joke his presidency was, and the fact that dude has finally found his true calling, painting like Bob Ross on crystal meth. Here are ten pics to prove my case.

10. Legend has it that George W. Bush began painting after his wife, Laura, told him to “unleash his inner Rembrandt.”

Here’s his debut self portrait. Cute, right?


9. George W. claims he started by painting strictly scenic pieces. 


8. But he quickly discovered that he had a niche for painting portraits. Here’s one he did of Afghan president, Hamid Karzai. 


6. Tony Blair:


5. Vladimir Putin:

(Standing ovation for this one, please.)


He really captured his raw sex appeal in this piece.


4. Dalai Lama:



3. Bush has also mastered the art of painting pictures of animals:


2. Of course there are a number of pieces that Bush is not ready to show to the public. Some have leaked however, and are quite scandalous. 


1. Behold- Bush’s greatest piece of ALL TIME! 

Please note how Bush is clearly looking to the other side of the shower but his face is seen IN THE MIRROR! It’s clear he was feeling like dabbling in some Salvador Dali like surrealism while painting this piece and we LOVE IT!


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