Top Ten What Were They On When They Wore That? The Coachella Edition



With Coachella going on in California right now- it is important to recognize in judging our favorite star’s poor fashion decisions in attending the festival that they are probably being subjected to taking copious amount of drugs that they may or may have ever been exposed to before. So please- cut them some slack. Here is top ten drugs these celebrities must be on- why else would they dress like their stylist is Hellen Keller?

10. Evidentally, it was Adrina Patridge’s first time smoking weed at the festival this year- which led to the rough decision of wearing this tie dye mess. 


9. Elle Goulding smoked so much crack she looked like she belonged on an episode of Intervention: Street Walkers Edition:

coach98.  Vanessa Hudgens looks fresh out the opium den:

Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler get wrapped up at Coachella **USA ONLY**

7. Jared Leto as a greasy heroin dealer: 


6. Julianne Hough doesn’t do drugs- thank you very much. And it shows.


5. Kendall had to snort so much Adderall to make sure that the colors in her bindi didn’t clash with her perfectly coordinated outfit.


4. Selena Gomez WAS cocaine.


3. Kid Cudi did so much PCP he wore a crop-top and forgot he wasn’t famous anymore. 


2. Blohan got so schwasted she wore this little number:


1. Paris tripped so hard on LSD she hallucinated the year was 2001- and dressed accordingly.