Top Ten Photos That Inspired the Pinup



It’s pretty funny to think that pinup cartoons used to be seen as erotic material that you might utilize for a jerk-off sesh. That’s until you found out how hot the women were that inspired such illustrations. Here are top ten side-by-side examples of the photographs that inspired the pinup drawings.

10. Illustrator Gil Elvgren made an entire career of making reality into fantasy in his pinups:


9. However- it is safe to say that he did manage to incorporate a lot of the similarities of his models in his emulations: 


8. He would have them mimic the situations that would otherwise be difficult to free-hand. Like swinging;


7. And sliding down a slide (’cause grown women do all of these things regularly):


6. Then he’d add on his own quirks to the painting to make it unique and playful:


5. If there is one quality of the photographs that remains consistent, it’s that all of the models in the shoot seemed to be having a ball;


4. I’d be having fun too if I were doing a shoot that involved roasting damn marshmallows:


2. Or dressing up in safari gear:


2. And pretending I don’t give a shit about the number on a scale:


1. ‘Cause when you know millions of guys are going to want your ass even in cartoon form- it’s impossible to get bored: