Top Ten We Give Up On Lindsay Lohan



We once believed that we would always have a place for Blohan in our heart, but since her last rehab stint our faith that she will ever return to the glory she once attained has faltered greatly. Will she ever get her shit together? We once thought so- but not anymore. For she has reached new levels of hotness that were never supposed to be reckoned with. Here is Top Ten We Give Up On Lindsay Lohan.

10. Her tits are no longer great.


9. She has like twenty half-siblings that she wants nothing to do with- although family is probably something she needs most (except for White Oprah and Michael Lohan):


8. Her numerous mugshots are still more flattering than ours will ever be:


7. She goes to rehab to stay relevant:

blohan46. The only real acting she does anymore is when she’s trying to convince us she’s sober:


5. Besides- we kinda miss it when Blohan was on Adderall. 


4. She made a list of all the famous dudes she’s banged just to piss us off. 


3. At this point in life, she’s had more fillers in her face than dudes who have filled her:


2. She fucks married men that have children.


1. She attempts to profit off her miscarriage on national TV: