Top Ten Kendall Jenner’s a Workaholic Now


Because Kendall Jenner is very adamant at demonstrating that she doesn’t know the real definition of “work,” in an interview for Interview Magazine, Kendall made even more of a mockery of the American labor force by dropping the word “workaholic” while talking about herself. Girl’s got JOKES!!!! Here’s Top Ten Kendall Jenner’s a Workaholic Now:

10. For those of you that are unaware, being good-looking can now be considered a full time job.


9. And no one knows this better than Kendall Jenner. Girl was cursed with good-looks and now she’s here to prove that’s not easy looking this good. 


8. She’ll prove this one Instagram selfie at a time.

Kendall6Even though, please don’t forget. Kendall really doesn’t want all of this attention


7. No but seriously- we’re here to convince you that Kendall leads  GRUELING career. She has to travel like all the time.

article-0-19F205DA000005DC-60_634x211We wish things were easier sometimes for you too, Kendall.

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 12.19.09 PM

6. And when she’s not busy traveling she’s trying her best to overcome living in her big sister’s shadow. Which is a nearly impossible task considering the shadow cast from Kim’s ass could provide enough shade for a whole damn beach.

Defending her and her family, who have come to symbolise excess and the frivolity of celebrity culture, Kendall said she appreciates everything she has.

‘I feel like someone would think of me, or anyone in my family, as unappreciative of a moment, and I’ve really learned to appreciate a moment. I take things in a lot. I’m kind of weird like that. I like to go outside at night by myself and look at the sky and just appreciate it’


5. Kendall and Kylie are soon to be household names in the United States, thank you very much. The sister’s already have their own clothing line for PacSun, a far cry from their sister’s line at Sears. 

‘My parents brought up Kylie and me to be workaholics. That’s something I really appreciate.’


4. Not to mention Kendall had to go through all of the trouble to hire a ghostwriter to write their premier Sci-Fi novel, Rebel: City of Indra.

Despite Kendall joking ‘I’m the worst reader’ after flubbing her lines at the Billboard Awards last month, it seems she wants others to not follow her lead.

‘I think that we had gone to a meeting and decided that we – what we were thinking of an idea of what we would like to see in a movie,’ she said of their inspiration on GMA.


3. And as if fake-writing a sci-fi book isn’t enough work. Then she’s expected to go on national television and promote this said book. Girl even had to sign some autographs.

But while the girls were enjoying the spotlight, there was no sign of the ghost writer – novelist Maya Sloan – as the two gushed about their new product.

However Kendall admitted they had help, adding: ‘We obviously can’t write a sci-fi novel on our own.’

While it was Sloan who typed out the tale, the book’s publishers claim it came ‘from the minds of Kendall and Kylie’.


2. She even overcame the personal battle of being a compulsive liar since her childhood. Good hustle, Kendall.

I would tell people I was from Hawaii, but I had a Southern accent. I was the biggest liar for no reason, and then as I got older, I thought, “Why am I lying to everybody?” I would hear other people lie and be like, “You sound so stupid.”

‘So then I would just change my lies. The only person I lie to is my little sister, when I steal her clothes.’


1. Being this fabulous is all in a days work for Kendall Jenner, thank you very much!

“To be honest, this is exactly what I wanted to be,” she told Interview. “I was always looking up to supermodels. They were, like, my superheroes.”


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