Top Ten Rihanna In Rio

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Who would have guessed that Rihanna gave a tap-dancing f*** about soccer? Not us. But who wouldn’t love to party the nights away during the last game of the World Cup?

Here’s Top Ten Rihanna in Rio:

10. Rihanna visited Rio to cheer on for her team of choice this weekend:

And let’s be real, the German flag has never looked so good.


9. She began her quest to get incoherently drunk by sipping on Budweiser:


8. Even going as far to drunkenly pose with a Budweiser sign:

We really wonder how much Budweiser paid for this…


7. She flashed the goods on the beach in front of a little kid:

The luckiest little kid in the world…


6. Frolicked in the water with her drank in hand:


5. Posed with Adriana Lima:


4. Posed with the trophy:

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 11.11.58 AM

3. GOT IT from some sexy-ass soccer players


2. Including Super Mario:


1. When Germany won, she gave the players a glimpse of her own trophies:


Then a player gave her his jersey…



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