Top Ten Kreeping Up On the Kardashians


Kim Kardashian was spotted tanning in Mexico this Tuesday as little North West looked on at her mother while in the arms of her nanny. We guess when you’re set to make $85 million off of a s***y video game, you can use your wealth to take care of every aspect in your already easy life. We feel so sorry that North had to see her mom in such a tiny and unflattering bikini, but we doubt that North really recognizes her anyway since their never together.

Here’s Top Ten Kreeping Up On the Kardashians:

10. Kim Kardashian continued to neglect her daughter, North this Tuesday while tanning with a friend:



9. The residence at which they sunbathed was that of Joe Francis:

So maybe that’s why she didn’t bring North?


8. Except, hold up- North actually made an appearance at the Girls Gone Wild creator’s beach front property:

Because what’s a more child-friendly environment than an adult-film creator’s beach house?


7. Kim seemed uninterested in her daughter’s presence. That was until she noticed the cameras:

“Shit, hand over North, quick!!!”


6. So Kim got her fat-ass up:


5. And pretended to be a good mom for a quick sec:

“This won’t take that long, will it?”


4. She told her nanny to f*** off so the paps could get a few shots of just her and North:

Kim’s interpretation of mother-daughter bonding consists exclusively of photo-opps.


3. And just as soon as it started- their bonding time was over:

“Get this out of the way, nanny.”


2. Back to tanning:

Motherhood is so exhausting.


1. And what’s a poolside visit without posing for a few shots alone:

It took her friend ten shots of Kim splashing in the water to get one suitable enough for her Instagram.


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