Top Ten A Tale of Two Yachts

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Blohan and Elle Macpherson were both spotted on separate yachts in Sardinia this week. It’s insane to think that Elle is 22-years older than Lindsay and yet her body looks like that of a 20-year-old. And we really don’t mind if Elle romped around in a bikini aboard a yacht into her sixties for how damn she looks in comparison to Lindsay. It’s clear that the years of hard-partying are catching up to Lindsay, as she is looking more-and-more like Tara Reed’s understudy every time we see her now.  What is happening to her body? How does on manage to go from this:


To this:


Only in the matter of ten years? Meanwhile, Elle Macpherson is busy demonstrating to b****es half her age that attaining The Body can be achieved well into adulthood because she went from this:

Elle Macpherson modelling in the 1980's

To this:


Here’s Top Ten A Tale of Two Yachts to demonstrate that hard-partying does not age you well.

10. Wearing a mis-matched bathing suit, Lindsay proved that she has seemingly done very little to attain a healthier lifestyle since her latest rehab-stint:


9. Aboard Lindsay’s yacht, it is expected that she smoked approximately 1.5 billion cigs:


8. Not only did she look dumpy, but she was not acting like much of a lady:

‘Cause we all know that Lindsay is actually a demure flower.


7. We kind of wished she would keep that shirt on however:



6. It’s very clear the years aren’t doing Lindsay very well:

A far-cry from the days of Mean Girls.


5. Now Lindsay, (and Ali for that matter) sit down, and take notes:

That’s one gnarly leg bruise.


4. Because Elle Mac-Fierce-Son is here to demonstrate what its like to be AGELESS!


3. We’re sorry we’re making you check out someone that’s old enough to be your mom, but we’re really not sorry:



2. As you can see, it’s pretty clear that age really is just a number.

Right, Elle?


1. You’ll never achieve this level of greatness, Blohan:

But isn’t this something great to aspire to?


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