Top Ten Blohan’s Cleavage is Dunzo


Remember the days when Lindsay Lohan was a budding Hollywood actress with freckled t***ies that could make a gay dude hard? We sure as f*** do. But we’re here to bring forth the grim reminder that the days of Blohan’s magnificent t**s are no more, for they have been replaced by the breasts of a 60-year-old woman, or so it would seem.

Here’s Top Ten Blohan’s Cleavage is Dunzo.

10. We’re sad to say this isn’t the first time we’ve noticed that Lindsay Lohan’s breasts should officially retire:

Back at the MTV 2010 VMA’s it was evident that shit was starting to gravitate towards the ground. 


9. Even at Kim Kardashian’s historical wedding to Kris Humphries, she flaunted a sagging bussom: 


8. Terry Richardson has taken numerous shots of what’s left of her once-awesome t***ies:


7. Through the years, he has managed to document the deterioration of her breasts:


6. The paps have caught glimpses of it through-out the years:


5. The side-boob shots are obviously the most highly affecting:


4. Distressing- if that:


4. Like “B****, put on a damn push-up bra.” status:


3. And now- times are tougher than ever before for Lindsay’s side-titty:


2. While she can try all she wants to compensate for the pain and suffering she caused our eyeballs while wearing a neon one-piece this week, this Instagram shot really didn’t help any (but thanks for refraining from showing us ANY cleavage, Linds.): 


1. This will never be forgotten, or forgiven for: 




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