Top Ten Lady Gaga Is Officially Washed-Up


Because Lady Gaga is forever stuck in the year 2008, we’d like to remind her that we’re all quite exhausted over her attempts to stay relevant by means of ridiculous outfits, busted wigs, and mediocre performances. It’s clear that Lady Gaga no longer has the body she once attained, and well, we all know her face has never been too easy on the eyes. So here’s a reminder of what we’re dealing with in the year 2014.

Here’s Top Ten Lady Gaga Is Officially Washed-Up:

10. Lady Gaga took her Art Pop tour to Japan over the weekend. And it became evident more than ever that sequence jumpsuits should be a thing of the past for her.


9. Not only has she packed on a bunch of weight…

8. But it’s becoming more evident that Lady Gaga can’t even afford a decent wig anymore.

7. As clear as it is she has been putting little effort into making sure she’s in top-condition for her tour, what’s bugging us more is the fact that she thinks these costumes still make her look remotely hot.

6. Her weave and her dignity aren’t the only things that are completely busted. Check out her fishnets…

5. Maybe this outfit can camouflage Gaga’s flaws.

4. Nope.

3. Or perhaps this little number?
F*** nope.

2. For Christ’s sake though, Gaga please put something on.

1. That’s slightly better.

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