Top Ten What Is Audrina Patridge Doing With Her Life?

We apologize in advance for this post, as we all know none of us really give a tap-dancing f*** about what she’s been up to either. But seeing as though usually she’s always half-naked and looks pretty damn good, we figured we’d check up on her and see how things have been doing since the ending of The Hills. It’s really not that we’ve ever had any problem with Audrina, in fact- how can you hate someone who takes world matters such as the human race proving the Big Bang Theory so seriously? Take it away, Audrina:

Here’s Top Ten What Is Audrina Patridge Doing With Her Life?

10. Audrina hasn’t been doing all that much since quitting reality television.

That is, unless you consider romping around in a bikini an arduous task.

9. She doesn’t exactly practice what she preaches.

8. Because most of the pictures of her Instagram consist of selfies.

7. She attended Comic Con this year. Dress as- we don’t really know.

6. Seemingly, she drinks a lot.

5. The Georgia Aquarium hired her to film something there.
Obviously she struggled to remember her lines.

4. She posted a picture with her and her now ex-boyfriend, Corey Bohan.
They dated for five damn years. Take that, Justin Bobby.

3. She posted an adorable Throwback Thursday post from when she was 6-years-old.

2. She met the Simpsons.

1. Most importantly, she wore a lot of bikinis.

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