Top Ten Wad Up, Brooke Burke?

Brooke Burke-Charvet may be a 42-year-old, but that won’t stop her from showing all the younger bitches how it’s done.

Here’s Top Ten Wad Up, Brooke Burke?

10. For those of you wondering- Brooke looks like this now.

9. She looks so damn good she covered Shape magazine’s September issue.

8. It’s kinda hard not to look good when you work-out as hard as she does.

7. She’s been spending a lot of time on the beach.

6. She recently displayed some tight body-art that we’re pretty sure not even Rihanna could pull off.

5. Two words: Pink. Bikini.

4. It’s as-if she’s never had kids.

3. Let alone FIVE damn kids.

2. She’s gracious enough to provide us with inspirational quotes by none-other but herself.
Thanks for the words of wisdom, Brooke.

1. But we’d appreciate it more if she delegated more Instagram posts towards body shots. Specifically ass-shots.

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