Top Ten Jessa Duggar Is Marrying A Teenager


It’s not that we’re opposed at the idea of a full-grown woman dating a younger [teenage] boy (see: Selena Gomez, and Taylor Swift), it’s just that- isn’t Jessa Duggar way too hot to marry an adult like herself? We think so, but since her entire family consists of hardcore God Warriors we guess no guy is going to want to stick around with a girl for a year of courtship and no sex other than some naive kid who only wants to get married so he can finally hit that.

Here’s Top Ten Jessa Duggar Is Marrying A Teenager:

10. In case you have never been on Jessa’s Instagram, nearly every picture is of her and her 19-year-old fiancĂ©, Ben Seewald.
We like this kid’s last name because it sounds dangerously close to “SeaWorld.”

9. We really wish that Jessa would treat us to some selfies of just herself, because this dude is taking away from her hotness.

8. Don’t worry though, not all the pictures from her Instagram consist of pictures of Ben and future Mrs. SeaWorld. There are plenty of inspirational quotes to remind you that your entire life is one giant sin.

7. Taking selfies off of the reflection of sunglasses is a happening trend.
We’re happy this picture happened.

6. Love letters from Ben? You best believe it.

5. Now we’re sure you’re wondering if Ben’s personal Instagram account consists of such nonsense as future Mrs. SeaWorld.
F***in’ duh.

4. And of course there are plenty of pictures of his fiancé.
Next dude I’m dating I’m going to start posting random pictures of just him on Instagram just to see how quickly he dumps me.

3. But we must admit, we are happy for these two. It’s obvious they do everything together.
Like awkwardly posing for a picture while eating dinner.

Not to mention awkward shots of dinner.

2. And posing with their passports.

And what’s a decent couple without posing with some drank? Oh yeah that’s right, this bitch can’t even legally drink yet.

1. Regardless, we’d like to wish the best of luck to these two. And we’re sure that will come easy. After all, when has marrying so young ever gone wrong?