Top Ten Mila Kunis Is Really Over This Whole Pregnant Thing

It seems like Mila Kunis has literally been pregnant forever and by the look on her face it’s clear that she feels the same way. We’d be pissed too if we sacrificed our once-flawless Russian body to one of America’s dumbest bachelors without even tying the knot first, but that’s just us. In case you weren’t aware, there is an entire Instagram account that keeps up with all the happenings of Mila and Ashton’s relationship as they near having their first child together. With that, we bring you Top Ten Mila Kunis Is Really Over This Whole Pregnant Thing.

Just look at her face. It should work as a pretty good form of contraception.

10. “I feel like I’ve been pregnant for ten and a half years.” -Mila Kunis

9. “At least I can still work a crop top better than all these bitches.” -Mila Kunis

8. “Don’t look at me. I’m pregnant as s***.” -Mila Kunis

7. “Maybe this loaf of bread will deviate the pap’s attention.” -Mila Kunis

6. “Or perhaps baggier clothing.” -Mila Kunis

5. “It’s impossible to look frumpy in a Victoria’s Secret tracksuit, right?” -Mila Kunis

4. “I feel as big as Kim Kardashian in her third trimester.” -Mila Kunis

3. “God forbid this all lasts as long as Jessica Simpson’s never-ending pregnancies.” -Mila Kunis

2. “At least my legs still look tight AF.” -Mila Kunis

1. “Not to mention, I’m having God damn Kelso’s baby.” -Mila Kunis

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