Top Ten Hot-Ass Tom Hardy With Pups


We’re not personally one to purchase one of those Hot Dudes With Baby Animals calendars but we certainly don’t mind seeing pictures of the sex-bomb that is Tom Hardy with adorable puppies on set of his future movies.

Here’s Top Ten Hot-Ass Tom Hardy With Pups

10. Remember last year while Tom Hardy was filming a project entitled Animal Rescue he was photographed with an adorable baby pit bull? ‘Cause we do.


9. He and this tiny pup defined the true meaning of “a man’s best friend.”


8. It was true love.


7. Then it put on a damn sweater.


6. We just completely lost our s*** at this given point.

Tom Hardy on the set of 'Animal Rescue', filming in Brooklyn, NYC

5. Fast forward to last Friday, Tom was spotted canoodling other pups. Although they could not touch the likeliness of the sweater-bearing baby pit, Tom’s reaction to this Ewok looking pup pretty much sums it up.


4. During the filming of his latest project Legend in London, Tom still managed to maintain his composure even though that doc looks like a giant rodent. 


3. Although- he certainly didn’t look a bit enthused. 


2. Thankfully, another pup managed to steal the spotlight away from the dog that was seemingly making Tom somewhat uncomfortable. This rambunctious pup did exactly what all of us would want to do in the presence of Tom Hardy- pounce on that shit and try and make sweet love.


1. Encouragingly enough, Tom stopped fighting it after a matter of moments. Take it, Tom. 


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