Rough: Ariana Grande’s Spray Tan


I think it’s pretty safe to say at this point that Ariana Grande is fake in more than one. First off there’s her inflated weave, then it’s her attitude, and now her spray tan that all seem to lack authenticity.


Ariana was spotted in LAX on Monday flying out to New York. And her tummy’s skin tone appeared to be a completely different hue in comparison to the rest of her body. Now we raise two questions: How does a spray tanner mess up this horribly unless it wasn’t an accident? And how the f*** didn’t she notice this when she put on that damn crop top? The answers to which we may never find out, however there is one thing that we’re certain about: this s*** is ROUGH!


Next time you want to look like you rolled around in a pile of Cheetohs, we suggest doing it by baking in the sun rather than investing in a janky fake tan to avoid looking like this.



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