Top Ten Amanda Bynes is Terrorizing NYC Again



Amanda Bynes is back to her old tricks in New York City, and although she isn’t dropping any bongs out of any high-rises [yet] that doesn’t mean her antics are being kept in check. The following are documented accounts of Amanda’s shenanigans and pictures of her in LAX and NYC.

Here’s Top Ten Amanda Bynes is Terrorizing NYC Again:

10. TMZ is reporting that during Amanda’s 24-hour stint in NYC, she has already been reported to have displayed an array of bizarre behaviors.


9. She has already been photographed wearing a band-aid on her cheek. Strange behavior was reported by E! even before she graced the city with her presence while at LAX.

The troubled former child star was most recently at LAX, eating solo and talking to herself during a presumably pre-flight meal at Gladstone’s restaurant.


8. Poor Amanda eating all by her lonesome.

“Amanda was at the table by herself with all her makeup spread out across the table. She was talking to herself and putting on a ton of makeup. She would apply some, look in her compact and make weird pouty faces and they say to herself, ‘OK, that looks fine.'”


7. Obviously, these witnesses at LAX are b*tches.

Bynes, who ordered a Shirley Temple and coconut shrimp, only stayed at the eatery for about 20 minutes before bolting out the door.
“She had a really weird gait to her, she was power-walking with posture like a pregnant woman. It was bizarre.”


6. Now, more signs that she is mentally disturbed are coming forth. Through TMZ,

“Amanda lost it on one of her fans during a bizarre 24-hour stretch in NYC- allegedly assaulting the woman who got too close in a nightclub.”


5. Supposedly, Amanda was just trying to mind her own business before some a**hole “fans” decided to start hassling her.

“Amanda showed up by herself to an event at the Gilded Lily nightclub Monday night in Chelsea. We’re told she was dancing alone, wearing sunglasses and keeping to herself… until random people started taking photos.”


4. Don’t these b*tches know the only person who can take a picture of A. Bynes without risking a full-blown pinch attack is Amanda herself? She’s a selfie queen for a reason.

“At first, Amanda was just yelling at the fans… but we’re told she finally snapped on one woman who claims Bynes spun toward her violently, scratching her neck and arms.”


3. But obviously since the alleged victim of Amanda’s outburst is ~*~suuuch a fan~*~ she promised not to press charges against her. Which makes us skeptical this whole ordeal even took place.


2. The craziness didn’t stop there, fortunately for us.

“Then on Tuesday morning, several Bloomingdale’s shoppers tell us Amanda was limping around the department stores for hours with just one show on while mumbling incoherently”


1. It’s obvious that Amanda has relapsed in terms of losing touch with her sanity as she had a year prior. And although it’s sad to watch her downward spiral unfold so publicly once more. At least there is documentation of the occurrences so that eventually her family can get her the help she needs once more.

“People close to Amanda are saying… before they can take action to get her help, she has to pose a danger to herself or others. It’s possible this is a sign of that.


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