Top Ten America’s Top Hand Model


We’ll bet in any given advertisement that you see in a magazine you presume that the hands that are seen from ad-to-ad are those of the model posing with them. However, the hands used to sell products in such ads usually belong to a hand model. Ashly Covington has made an entire lucrative career off of posing with models who although have amazing looks, usually don’t have model-worthy hands to match. Here’s Top Ten America’s Top Hand Model:

10. Ashly Covington is probably the most highly successful hand model of all time.


9. She has posed with models such as Adriana Lima in Maybelline adverts, and Charlize Theron for J’adore Dior. 


8. Essentially, she gets to put her mitts all over famous bodies every damn day during shoots, which she refers to as “hand jobs” (we would too). And rub them all up on sexy men.


7. “‘I’ve had to stick my fingers in model’s mouths for countless beauty product shots,’ Miss Covington, 37, tells MailOnline. ‘Sometimes it’s creepy, sometimes it’s hilarious.'”


6. Ashly’s hands were discovered by an agent while waitressing after she finished college in Virginia. The agent told her she needed to stop biting her nails, took her to get her first manicure, and insisted she’d make it big in the hand-modeling industry. The rest is history. 


5. Her range is incredible. Obviously. She’s only been doing this for 14-God-damn-years.


4. Similar to J.P. Prewitt from the movie Zoolander, Ashly was forced to adopt rituals that will help her preserve her hands beauty for a long time to come.


3. On protecting her money makers: “‘I’m always almost wearing gloves and I have to adopt certain habits for everything I do,’ she says. ‘How I open a car door, how I pick up a box, even where my hands swing when I’m walking down the street.”


2. Because you can only imagine the devastation she would face upon breaking a nail: “I’ve had accidents with all three of those types of situations that have lost me work in the past!”


1. Somewhere along the way, Ashly discovered that her veinless-wrists and perfect nail beds must have come down to great genetics, for she found out that her grandmother in the 1930’s used to model typewriters. “I’m a legacy hand model and just never knew it.” Well now you do girl, now you do. 


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