Top Ten Kelly Lee Dekay’s 16-Inch Waist

Never have we seen someone that resembles Jessica Rabbit so much. Here’s Top Ten Kelly Lee Dekay’s 16-Inch Waist.

10. Kelly Lee Dekay is a 27-year-old model with a 16-inch waist.

16 inches // Breathing is Over-rated.

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9. She is New York City based, and badass AF.

8. Kelly began “waist training” six years ago using corsets.

7. She aspired to have a waist line like Jessica Rabbit.

6. Kelly is studying fashion for obvious reasons.

5. On growing up wanting to achieve her signature look: “Growing up I just loved the exaggeration of styles and the beautiful costumes that comic book characters would wear and that led to the aesthetic that led to tight-lacing.”

4. Although Kelly is more than aware that some measurements are impossible to achieve: “I do understand their measurements can’t ever possibly be achieved because they would break.”

3. Because she knows sometimes it’s all about how you dress that can create the illusion of an amazing body: “I think it’s interesting how fabric and thread can just easily manipulate the body to do such an extreme silhouette though.”

2. And she’s completely aware of any dangers of doing what she’s doing to her body: “I also played soft ball in a corset once, that was an interesting feeling, but I don’t go to the gym in a corset – that’s really dangerous because I do weight lifting.”

1. To her haters: People say that it looks unnatural, but I have big bright blue hair – what part of me screams that I want to be like everybody else?”

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