Top Ten Another Day Another Amanda Byne’s Twitter Meltdown


Amanda Bynes had another very public meltdown on Twitter last night, and we’re pretty sure very little has improved in terms of her mental condition. Here’s Top Ten Another Day Another Amanda Byne’s Twitter Meltdown.

10. Amanda Bynes kicked off her meltdown by Tweeting in riddles.


9. She then began to spit out accusations against her parents.


8. Then she let the bomb drop.


7. She then made this very unconvincing claim.


6. And then tried to play it off like she wasn’t the one that Tweeted any of the previous Tweets. Smooth, Amanda.


5. Then it was straight back to Tweeting nonsense again.


4. Just- the epitome of white girl problems.


3. Followed by more accusations.


2. And sassiness.


1. Most importantly, just in case we were wondering why Amanda looks so “horrible.”


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