Reese Witherspoon Learning TikTok with her Son

I’ve hated on Reese Witherspoon over the years a lot. It was mainly for her jogging for the paparazzi all looking like an entitled rich white mom, but it was also the fact that she trapped Ryan Philippe when he was slated to be a huge star, by becoming a mom, after getting knocked up with their daughter on the Cruel Intentions set…stealing his celebrity, moving onto marrying her agent, who the kids call “Dad”, and living that nice wholesome Southern life on their pile of money…

As it turns out, I actually like Reese Witherspoon. I’ve recently watched her early roles where she looked fucking awesome and was amazing in them. Then I remember that she was great as her June Carter Cash that won her an Oscar and I asked myself “why have you instinctively hated on her all these years” and I guess because I hate all popular actors for no real reason other than that they are annoying.

For some reason I think this Reese Witherspoon acting her age, like a mom who doesn’t get TikTok, learning TikTok, possibly for money she doesn’t need, but maybe there is some authenticity to these rich actors, which I have a hard time believing, but maybe not every thing they do is about money, but sometimes about creating some viral hype to stay relevant.

Either way, cute video. Hard to hate on it.

Post Author: TexHollywood