Will Ferrell in his Underwear in College

A long time ago, Will Ferrell was just a typical Delta Tau Delta frat boy at USC, where he lived out his own version of Old School or Van Wilder or whatever frat boy Icon you want him to be.

Apparently, one of his Frat Brothers, who I cannot confirm or deny performed typical frat boy homo erotica with, and that I can’t confirm or deny pulled standardized frat boy gang bangs with, you know keep it in the brotherhood, took this pic.

He went onto huge things from SNL, to Hit Movies, to a Digital platform worth billions, to producing hit after hit in TV and movies…printing money and still likely into wearing the exact same outfit he was in college bcause that’s the kind of thing that made him Will Ferrell you all love.

So, next time you see a bro, bro-ing down in what you’d find offensive, sexually irresponsible, toxic masculinity and white privilege be nice to that half naked man as he could be the next Will Ferrell, and maybe one day you too can release college pics of him saying “you knew him” because he’s too popular to invite you of all people to all those important Hollywood events.

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