Welcome to the Facetune Olympics

There is something a lot of people have in common on Social Media, often starved for attention in their real lives users are heavily editing the photos they post, but it’s not just a little filter that changes the hue of their selfies. They use make up, filters, heavy photoshop and Facetune apps to alter their appearance, sometimes beyond recognition.

Some people are able to get away with tweaking their faces and bodies to an extend, throwing the images up on Instagram and getting tons of love – others are not so lucky.

Join us weekly for a roundup of all the cat fishing, body dysmorphia having crazy people we find on Instagram, trying to pass off insane looks as their own.

To kick us off and get the worst out of the way, here is a “reality tv” family who are notorious Facetune addicts, we wont get too crazy wight he examples because there are MANY but here are a few of our favourites.

Let’s start with Khloe Kardashian and her newest selfie, which she now claims is an “old photo”. She was basically dragged by her own comments section which she quickly turned off.

Peep the slideshow below for this weeks round up of insecure Facetune addicts

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Post Author: Montana Banks