Gigi Hadid Attacks Fashion Week Crasher

Gigi Hadid Attacking Fashion Week Prankster Youtuber

A YouTuber crashed the Chanel catwalk during Paris Fashion Week, the girl calls it a “tribute” but its pretty much just a troll.

Basically she jumps up onto the catwalk in her classic Chanel tweed skirt suit and her fugly little hat, prances down the cat walk until she runs into Gigi Hadid, who has obviously caught onto this prank since everyone is losing their shit behind the scenes.

So Gigi is posted up at the end of the runway in this video-game-final-boss-frog-lookin-ass pose and uses her big model body to physically block this Youtuber, who by the way is apparently named Marie S’Infiltre, from continuing her prank.

As you can see in the video, Gigi Hadid physically attacks this woman, grabbing her and leading her off of the runway. LAWSUIT!
I hope this Marie S’Infiltre has a lawyer uncle who owes her a few favours, and takes down Gigi Hadid for assault.

I also hope Chanel charges this woman for crashing the event, because the least she could have done was practice her runway walk at least once before putting her plan into motion, because that shit was an abomination.

Post Author: Montana Banks