The Top 10 TikTok’s To Make You LOL

TikTok is amazing, its terrifying and addictive at the same time. It’s almost like a better version of chat roulette in the sense that you are shown random complete strangers video content that runs on a loop, except that you aren’t LIVE with these people. It’s also similar in the sense that you could end up seeing some total fucking weirdo sister fucker who just got one bar of free wifi from his shanty on a phone he found in the fucking dump. Not joking, and again AMAZING.

You get a nice pallet cleanse with a bunch of white young rich kids who do weird or slutty dances, showing off their “hot mom check” and posting their own versions of the latest TikTok trends like dances and songs.

Here is this weeks round up of TikTok’s that should be seen, because you will most likely laugh. Unless you have Aspergers.

1 – A lil Desi Dance

2 – A TENNESSE Titan


4 – Is this racist if he’s black?

5 – Remember Spirt Days?

6 – This one is super creative and dead on!

7 – I thought this was Bebe Rexha so I guess that’s the funny part

8 – Incredible

9 – Sadly..She’s not wrong..

10 – Someones mom wildin out


Post Author: Montana Banks