Aaron Carter has Officially Moved to Canada

Aaron Carter Home

Aaron Carter, who you may only know as the Backstreet Boy’s little brother is actually (according to him) one of the best rappers of all time. So put some respect on Aaron’s name people!

So my boy Aaron bought this dope 6,967 square foot home thats super close to the water, in a low key neighbourhood. Apparently the home was selling for $629,900 CAD ($473,000 USD) and has 4 bedrooms, a rec room, a hot tub and a study. There are also fireplaces in every room which will be great to use during the horrible winters.

I’m stoked Aaron is up here in Canada and welcome him with open arms, I hope he finds true happiness in the Great White North and also invites me to his house parties.

*side note: is it bad I think he’s kinda hot now?

You may have heard that Aaron has been going through some beef with his family, namely his older brother Nick who recently put a restraining order out on him. He’s also sporting a new face tattoo of Medusa and a full neck tattoo, big things are happening for Aaron Carter, he has a new track out here, if you care to listen.

Post Author: Montana Banks