The New Calvin Klein Campaign is Shit

Hailey Baldwin Justin Bieber Calvin Klein


Calvin Klien has been getting increasingly distasteful in both the clothes they’re making – wtf is the weird gucci looking logo bring on these sets? – and the casting of their campaigns.

Like last years Kardashian Klan with the extreme photoshopping of the girls, here’s a shot lacking some editing.…

Kardashian No Photoshop CK

Pulling in the mom bod makes for a super skinny arm on Kourtney

Here’s a shot from the new campaign with Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner CK

CK has been working with Kendall Jenner for a while now, as well as Hailey Baldwin, and they have had Justin involved before too. This time they got them all together for some dumb video to show off the horrible new line of clothing.

Hailey Baldwin Justin Bieber Calvin Klein

The photo above is their attempt at this iconic CK ad with Kate Moss and Mark Wahlberg.. THEY COULD NEVER!!!
Kate Moss Mark Wahlberg CK

Check out the video below if you want, or just look at these slutty photos of Hailey Baldwin ~ChUrCh GiRL~ in her underwear.

and Justin BIEBERS airbrushed face, which is an intense job considering this is his actual face:

Justin Beiber Acne


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Post Author: Montana Banks