Round 2 of the Facetune Olympics is HERE

Welcome to the second round of the Facetune Olympics, you can catch up on round one HERE

Let’s start with some kinda recognizable faces..

Ladies and Gentleman…the Presidents Daughter.. Tiffany Trump..
Facetune Olympics Tiffany Trump
Trisha Paytas who recently said she is TRANS, she says she is a Gay Man, who identifies as a woman. Either way she must have serious time on her hands to edit her photos like this..
Facetune Olympics trisha paytas

Speaking of Youtuber’s here is James Charles with a disgusting shaved bikini line.. sickening
Facetune Olympics James Charles Disgusting

Here is a sort of fitness influencer from Australia, the one who famously, like, died at Kylie Jenner’s birthday party, Tammy Hembrow these photos were taken in the same day at Coachella.
Facetune Olympics Tammy

Aubrey O’Day people…
Facetune Olympics

And here come the randoms…
Facetune Olympics

Facetune Olympics

This girl got in a fight with her Baby Daddy so he exposed her shit..
Facetune Olympics

Facetune Olympics 1

This girls house is definitely not up to code..
Facetune Olympics

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