Demi Rose Mawby – How to Make it In America

Demi Rose Mawby Erotica

Demi Rose Mawby is a “model” from the UK who seems to have found fame and fortune in America, by using Instagram, her sex appeal and determination.

What most of her 10+ Million followers dont know is how she got her start here in America. Before we get to that, let’s have a look at what she looked like while living as a typical english girl in Sutton Coldfield, England.

Demi Rose Mawby Before

Demi started off as a Taz’s Angels, a group of girls living in a rented 4.5 Million dollar mansion in Miami with a man named TAZ.
The backstory on Taz’s Angels is that they are allegedly an escort group who would go around to all the rappers / NBA parties and sell themselves.

Apparently all the girls, including two SISTERS ( Leena and Ruby Sayed) would all have sex with the same man, a guy named Michael Williams who calls himself Taz, and alternate nights fucking him and each other. This guy claims that he is the “black Hugh Hefner”. Apparently Taz may come into some money from being labelled as a producer on the infamous Khaia track My Neck, My Back. The house they were renting in Miami was actually being rented for them by ACTUAL music producer Irv Gotti, who ended up basically stealing one of the girls to keep as his own, Ashley Martelle. UNTIL the FBI caught wind of this sex trafficking scenario and allegedly shut them down. There are even arrest records of some of the girls stating that they were picked up for prostitution.

Demi Rose Mawby Tazs Angels

Before the bust though, Taz’s Angels was running what seemed like a successful business by the time Demi Rose Mawby came around. She moved in with the girls and Taz in the Miami house and started her career…whatever that may be.

After either being kicked out of the Taz’s Angels house, or being forced to leave the US – she went back to the UK for a bit before returning to America in her final form:

Demi Rose Mawby Before

Her first big gig was being cast as Tyga’s girlfriend right after the rapper and Kylie Jenner broke up, after something like 3 years of dating, most of which while she was underage.

Tyga Demi Rose Mawby

After being papped as Tyga’s girlfriend on one or two occasions, Demi was able to make the right connections to further her career. By right right connections I mean the paparazzi, which she was able to maneuver into getting herself on The Daily Mail (Which must be a big deal to people actually from the UK) and amass a huge social media following, which could also totally be mostly bought followers.

So here she is now, plumped up and greasy, probably itchin and burnin but powering through, living the American dream, with 10 Million Instagram followers, dating random “popular” guys like some DJ named Chris Martinez, which must make her money.

Congratulations Demi, you made it.

Post Author: Montana Banks