Kylie Jenner wants to Trademark “Rise and Shine”

rise and shine Kylie Jenner

There is a video that Kris Jenner made viral, which follows Kylie Jenner into her daughter Stormi’s room and sings to her “Riiiiisee and Shiiiiineee”. The video has now been turned into multiple memes, merch like t shirts and hoodies, and a bunch of celebrities have remixed and featured the “song” on their own social channels.

Even an American Airlines flight attendant channeled Kylie on a flight from LA to Washington, as the flight arrived the attendant announced “Rise and Shiiiinee” over the speakers. ANNOYING.

Here is the remix:

The newest update on this horrible trend is that Kylie Jenner wants to Trademark the term “Rise and Shine”

As they say, the devil works hard, but Kris Jenner works harder.

Kylie Jenner rise and shine

Post Author: Montana Banks