The Most Out of Pocket Shit You Can Buy on Amazon Right Now

Do you even just get stoned (Shouts out to legalization) and browse online shopping websites, end up buying some weird thing and get it in the mail the next day (shouts out to prime members lol)? Well I do, and I thought I’d share some of the weirdest shit I’ve recently ordered.

Christmas is coming people, and if you really want to have someone remember the gift you got them, get them something off this list. I’m also cheap so all of these things are inexpensive. Also I’m using an Amazon Affiliate link so #ad – As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I think I’m obligated to tell you this every time I post something to do with Amazon so shouts out to the FCC!

Chip Fingers – These are rubber finger protectors for when you want to eat a bag of cheetos and not wash your hands after. I can relate.

This sequin Nicholas Cage throw pillow – amazing.

It also comes in the Steve Buscemi flavor..dude it’s 9$ – I’m buying 10

This is disgusting but honestly some people love it, a fake pimple popping toy…

This super weird money eating bank with a face.. amazing

Human Face Stress Ball. If only we could customize the face..

Life Size Teddy Bear Costume.. Kinda on the Furry boarder with this one

Open the door wearing this when UberEats comes. (Shoutout to UberEats- get $7 OFF your next order if you use my code: eats-keishap712ue )

This Jeff Goldblum pillow, epic.

A weird incest movie to creep your sister out

This inflatable chair isn’t actually weird its amazing

Just place this shitting garden Gnome with the rest of them and see if anyone notices

Ok that it for now, I hope you all use my UberEats code because I’m stoned, hungry, and poor.

Happy Shopping!

Post Author: Montana Banks