Cultural Appropriation Costumes to Offend your Friends

Yes, more halloween content.

Who doesn’t love halloween!

Here are some cultural appropriating or generally offensive costumes you can order last minute to wear to the halloween party you got invited to and offend all your friends! It’s fun!

I also find it awesome that there are still so many bad costumes available for sale, because dumb people don’t go away.

Also, these are amazon links and I do make an extremely tiny commission on qualifying orders. I’m really just trying not to lose my amazon affiliate account at this point due to lack of commissions. So click through the images and browse! THANKS~!

The Native Princess – only 19.99!



This sexy stranger things costume is so wrong




A Geisha – Unisex and even more offensive if you’re a dude.



Arab Sheik




Old white dad as a rasta




This next level ANNE FRANK costume




The Mexican


Post Author: Montana Banks