Sarah Hyland Ripping her JUUL at Her Bridal Party

Sarah Hyland Ripping her Juul

Modern Family star Sarah Hyland, who recently had a SECOND kidney transplant, also recently got engaged to her boyfriend Wells Adams, which is a weird name. Wells Adams is from the Bachelorette apparently. Lame all around. He also looks like a total trade.

Anyway so Sarah had her Bridal party this weekend, and based on these photos from the event she basically sat there ripping her Juul the entire time. I’m into it.

Here are some more pics of her inhaling nicotine salts while she is showered with gifts in celebration of her marrying her sexually fluid boyfriend.

Here are some more celebrities juuling hard.

Sophie Turner. The second photo of her in her Game of Thrones garb is great.
Juul Sophie Turner
Juul Sophie Turner Game of Thrones

Jennifer Lawrence, who also JUST got married.
Juul Jennifer Lawrence

Elsa Hosk is so hot
Juul Elsa Hosk

Bella Hadid

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