Ten Things to get the NERD in your Life this Holiday Season

Everyone has at least one nerd in their family or friend group, while there a few things on this list you could get for many other types of people all of these are also nerd certified. I checked with a nerd before writing this, mostly because I wanted to know what to get them for Christmas!

So here are the top 10 things you can get for the nerd in your life, or anyone else, on Amazon, where I am a Amazon partner and make a commission on qualifying purchases. I hope you find the right gift for that spicy lil herb in your life, I’ve already put all of the below in my cart!

The Ohuhu Ocarina from the Zelda game.

This Chewbacca Beer Coosie

These stainless steel keyb caps are SO classic nerd

A Nalgene Bottle – another Classic nerd accessory

Groot Flower Pot which is from some sort of nerd movie that I’m not actually aware of, but aware enough to know its a nerd thing.
Groot Flower Pot

The Harry Potter Wand. You don’t even have to be that nerdy to want one of these for Christmas nowadays.
Harry Potter

Nerds love puzzles.

A Raspberry Pi 4 – This is beyond my comprehension but it’s some type of “circuit board” that you can “program” – a nerd will LOVE this
Raspberry Pi

Game of Thrones Monopoly – people love this show.
Game of Thrones Monopoly

Lightsaber Chopsticks!
LightSaber Chopsticks

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Post Author: Montana Banks