What the Heck is a VSCO Girl??

Here is a relatively new term that I’ve heard a ton about but didn’t really know what it meant until I did some “research”.

VSCO is a photo app similar to Instagram where teens use hundreds of filters on their photos, this has something to do with the name (obviously) because every vsco girl is using the app also.

So the term VSCO GIRL is used to describe teenagers who dress and act the exact same as each other.

It’s like calling a girl BASIC, except basic looks like this now:

Where as VSCO Girls look like THIS:

There are a few things every VSCO girl has on her at all times, with this starter pack you can either become one or be WOKE enough to spot them in the wild cause it’s kinda fun.

Here is the VSCO girl starter pack.

vsco scrunchies

vsco hydra flask

Metal Straws
VSCO MEtal Straw

Healing Crystals
vsco crystal

Instax instant camera
vsco instax

Mario Badescu Skin Care
vsco mario

Friendship bracelets – bought, rarely made.
vsco bracelets

Fjallraven Backpack
vsco backpack

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Post Author: Montana Banks