The Top 10 ADULT Coloring Books

Science shows that there are some great health benefits that come from adult coloring, like reducing stress, improving motor skills, improving sleep and focus – PLUS it’s fun!

Coloring helps relax the fear center in the brain by inducing the same state as meditating by reducing thoughts – you might not have the time or interest in meditating, but by coloring something fun, you can still reap the benefits!

And is more relaxing than coloring the curves of a woman’s body right?

Here are the top 10 Adult Coloring Books on Amazon right now !

1 – Color My BoObs!
You can also get this one as a KINDLE which is only $0.56 – whatever that means!

2 – The Fetish Coloring Book

3 – Sex Position Coloring Book

An example from the Sex Position Book


5 – “Realistic Coloring Book of Sexy Women and Hot Girls for Men”
LOL looks legit

6 – People of Walmart (Iconic)

7 – The Dirty Housewife Coloring Book

8 – Sexy Anime Coloring Book!!

An Example!

9 – the Totally Naughty Coloring Book

10 – The Big Boys Coloring Book!

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Post Author: Montana Banks