Amanda Seyfried in a Wild Wig on Set

Amanda Seyfried is one of those actors who managed to play both sides of the coin. She does the Disney smut. You know the ridiculous romantic comedies designed to give teenage girls unrealistic expectations of men, leading to a whole lot of issues when they hit their 20s and 30s. But she also does the […]

Rihanna Performaing in Timesquare

Rihanna has wild style. She just knows how to draw attention to herself. Whether it is by huge scandals involving her ex boyfriend choking her out, or hit after hit after hit, she just seems like she is never going away. When you think about it that’s an insane accomplishment considering where she’s from…there’s has […]

Cher is a Monster at the Burlesque Premiere

I don’t know if Cher looks good for her age, or if she is scary as hell. I haven’t really come to terms with 65 year old women not looking like a granny ready to bake me cookies, I’m old school like that, so when a sexed up, plastic surgery ball of fakeness shows up, […]

Britney Spears Looks A Little Disheveled

Nothing says mentally sane like a woman who goes out in public with her extensions all over the place an her panties hanging out the top of her pants…especially when she knows the entire world is watching. But in Britney’s defense, the fact that she managed to get panties on is pretty impressive, I hear […]

Mandy Moore at Tangled Premiere

Mandy Moore has been pretty low key the last few years. I mean maybe I just haven’t been paying attention but I haven’t heard much about her since the DJ AM death that was rumored to have rocked her pretty hard, understandably, but here she is at a recent premiere for her Movie Tangled, looking […]

Bar Refaeli for Bonita De Mas Magazine

I know the Holidays are a few weeks away, but I came across these Bar Refaeli pictures from Bonita De Mas Magazine and I was put in the mood to Christmas show. You know nothing sexy Christmas like a pair of lacy Santa themed stockings for a stocking stuffer…unless of course you are Christmas shopping […]