5 PR Stunt Suggestions for Tila Tequila

  In case you hadn’t heard, annual winner of the “She’s Still Alive?” award Tila Tequila forced her way back into the public consciousness by posting some pretty much insane Facebook statuses sympathizing with Hitler and saying Paul Walker’s death was a ritual murder. Let that simmer. I get it, Ms. Tequila felt she was […]

Taylor Swift got caught saying STFU about Harry Styles to a super-hot Selena Gomez- Selena’s hotness being the more important story here…

The biggest story to come out of last nights’ VMAs, besides Miley’s baffling performance, is Taylor Swift getting caught on camera clearly saying ‘shut the fuck up,’ while her ex Harry Styles was presenting an award with the rest of his gay boy-band, One Direction. My first suggestion to Swift is: don’t date someone in a […]

Grammy’s Recap, As It Happened

I don’t know what the fuck to write in terms for an intro for this, Im so exhausted with the whole thing at theis point, but here’s how the Grammys went down through my eyes. -Bruce Springsteen opening was a nice touch and it’s nice to know that amid all the bullshit of today’s entertainment […]

Emmys Recap!

I had planned to live blog last night’s Emmy but, who am I kidding, it wouldn’t have been worth the bother so I figured I would just take some notes during and provide a little written re-cap. I’m sure by now you have seen every god damned photo taken from last night anyways so a […]

Let’s Spoil Every Movie From 2010!

We’ve already expressed out distaste for the Oscars countless times, but 2010 was an especially shitty for film which means come awards time they have to make an especially BIG DEAL out of them.   Seriously, if we see one more god damn facebook update about how great Black Swan was, we are going to shoot […]